/ The Highlife Cup

Important Update
Cup to Moving to YouTube

The Highlife Cup: Battle of the Carts experienced another setback. Some of you may already be aware that our backup Instagram account has now also been disabled. We are uncertain of a timeframe for the return of either our main or backup account.

Due to the ongoing struggles faced while holding the cup on Instagram’s platform, we have decided that the best path forward is to move the competition onto our YouTube channel and host the voting directly on our website. This means that the voting is postponed until Thursday, December 2nd.

More updates to follow later today.

/ The Highlife Cup - Battle of the Carts Edition

What's the best cannabis vape cartridge in Canada?

The second Highlife Cup is pitting sixteen cannabis vape cartridge contestants against one another in a head to head sudden death tournament.

The winner of each bracket will be decided by three votes – two from cannabis industry professionals and one based on a cannabis community majority vote.

/ The Brackets

Cart vs Cart Sudden Death Tournament

The tournament will consist of 4 rounds where competitors will face off against each other in a 1 vs 1 match to be decided by three votes. The competitor with the most votes will move on to the following round and face the other winning competitor.

/ Judges and Scoring

Industry judges and consumer voters will determine the next highlife cup winner

Three votes will determine the winner of each of these matches including the final:

Two votes will be cast by cannabis industry judges such as bud tenders, growers, and extractors.

One vote will be cast via a majority vote of consumers through instagram.

The instagram voting will commence at 4:20 PM PST and run via a story for 24 hour period, ending on 4:20 PM PST the following day. At the end of this voting period the instagram story voting results will be tallied into a single vote and combined with the two industry judge votes to determine the winner.

The winner will be announced at 4:20 PM PST the same day in an instagram reel.

/ Instagram Giveaway

Giveaway Prize Valued at Over $700

By participating in the Instagram vote you will be automatically entered to win our grand prize give away valued at over $700! This prize includes Sessions swag, hats, shirts, sweaters, stickers, and every cannabis vape cartridge competing in the cup!

Full eligibility details below:

  • Follow @sessionshigh.life on Instagram
  • Vote for you favourite carts in our Instagram stories (see voting and match days here)
  • Comment and tag your friends on battle posts for an extra change to win
  • Must be 19+
/ The Competitors

The Sixteen Vape Cartridges Battling it out

Guava X Blueberry
Live Terp CO₂
Lemon Margy
Live Resin
Live Resin
Blue Nova
Full Spectrum CO₂
Rooty B
THC Distillate
Lemon Pepper
Live Resin
Blue Skitz
THC Distillate
Gorilla Zkittles
Rich Terp CO
Indica Honey Oil
Full Spectrum CO
Blue Raspberry
THC Distillate
Kootenay Fruit Indica
Live Resin
Purple Monkey
THC Distillate
Purple Jane Zombie
Live Resin
Live Resin
Sunset Peach
THC Distillate
Mango Tango
THC Distillate
/ The Battles

The Second Round Matchups

Quarter-final #1
Nov. 29th

Voting Begins Nov. 29th

Quarter-final #2
Nov. 30th

Voting Begins Nov. 30th

Quarter-final #3
Dec. 1st

Voting Begins Dec. 1st

Quarter-final #4
Dec. 2nd

Voting Begins Dec. 2nd
/ The Battles

The First Round Results

Match #1 / Complete

Purple Hills wins
2 – 1

Match #2 / Complete

Verse wins
2 – 1

Match #3 / Complete

Good Supply wins
2 – 1

Match #4 / Complete

Greybeard wins
3 – 0

Match #5 / Complete

Sticky Greens wins
2 – 1

Match #6 / Complete

Phyto Advances
– – –

Match #7 / Complete

Greybeard wins
2 – 1

Match #8 / Complete

Purple Hills wins
3 – 0

Sixteen Competitors.

Four Sudden Death Rounds.

One Final.

One Winner.

Second Round Begins November 29th
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