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We're Your Professional Cannabis Photographers

Located in the Canadian Cannabis mecca – Kelowna, British Columbia – our team of cannabis experts have the experience and know how to show off your products or company.

As cannabis connoisseurs and professional photographers we’re uniquely qualified to capture stunning photos of all things cannabis.

Read about the importance about cannabis photography here.

/ Our Photography Services


Studio Photography

Our own in-house studio allows us to capture high quality photos and video in a controlled environment. Perfect to showcase live and dried flowers, concentrates, equipment and packaging.

  • Compliant/regulatory photography
  • Live and dried flower photography
  • Concentrate photography
  • Macro photography
  • Product photography
live colourful cannabis plant on transparent background
live purple cannabis plant on transparent background


On-Site Photography

We travel to your facility with all our necessary gear to highlight your processes, people and products.

  • Live flower in-room
  • Facility and processes
  • Headshots and people
  • Compliant/regulatory photography
  • Aerial drone photography


Lifestyle Photography

Cannabis Lifestyle shoots are perfect to show what your products are made for. Having a good time. Lifestyle shoots are ideal for highlighting your vanity packaging or apparel.

  • Cannabis lifestyle imagery
  • Apparel and merchandise photography
  • Product and packaging photography
blonde woman holding and smoking a cannabis joint with two people in the background


Compliant Photography

Compliant or also referred to as regulatory photography is more important than most people think. These photos are what will show up on a provincial and local retailers website and can largely affect purchasing decisions. Our team specializes in showing off your products in the best light possible.

  • Accurate representation of your product
  • Fully sharp and well lit images
  • Perfectly white backgrounds
  • Transparent background option
  • Two versions per product
  • Realistic shadows
beautiful dried cannabis flower with white background and shadow bad dried cannabis photo on white background dark and not well cut out

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