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We are part of an extensive network of professionals that love and live what they do. Start-ups and established businesses alike will benefit from our years of experience on how to build and sustain success in our industry. We always stay ahead of the curve with the latest and best practices, helping our clients maximize their potential.

Consulting Services


Regulatory and Compliant Affairs

The cannabis industry is highly regulated, and it’s crucial for businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and comply with all applicable laws. We provide expert guidance to help navigate the complex web of regulations that govern the industry and avoid potential legal pitfalls.


Business Strategy and Planning

Companies in the cannabis industry need to have a solid business plan and strategy in place to succeed. We help businesses identify key goals, assess strengths and weaknesses, and develop a plan to achieve their objectives.


Financial Planning and Analysis

We provide financial planning and analysis services to help businesses optimize their financial performance. We assess financial health, identify potential opportunities and risks, and develop strategies to maximize profitability.


Product Development and Branding

The cannabis industry is highly consumer-focused, and it’s essential for businesses to develop products that appeal to their target market. We offer expert guidance on product development, as well as effective branding and marketing strategies to promote your products.


Consumerism and Market Placement

We can help you understand the evolving landscape of the cannabis market, including consumer preferences, market trends, and emerging opportunities. We can help you identify new markets and channels for your products, and we can provide insights that will help you stay ahead of the competition.


Commercial and Wholesale Agreements

We can help you negotiate and structure commercial and wholesale agreements with other businesses in the cannabis industry. Our team has extensive experience in this area, and we can help you create agreements that protect your interests and help you achieve your business objectives.


Retail and Distribution

Retail and distribution are key components of the cannabis industry, and companies need to have effective strategies in place to sell and distribute their products. We provide guidance on creating effective distribution channels, optimizing retail operations, and increasing sales.


Facility Design and Build

We provide facility design and build services to help businesses create state-of-the-art facilities that meet all regulatory requirements and are optimized for their specific needs. We have extensive experience in designing and building facilities for the cultivation, processing, and distribution of cannabis products.

It's time to take your company to new heights. We're here to help.