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Crazy Glue Live Hash Rosin

This is another next-level collaboration between OK Suge & OG Blue Widow. Crazy Glue is a cross of Gorilla Glue and Super Silver Chemdog Haze that brings out the best attributes from each parent cultivar.

crazy glue hash rosin in black jar on black background

Strong, chocolate and earth from the Gorilla Glue, meets old-school citrus and haze. Ideal smoke for the middle of the day, as it procures little to-no burnout at all, with an energetic stone that still provides ample amounts of chill. I would pack this jar along with me to play a round of golf, or for a day of hiking to some waterfalls. Great for laid-back, leisurely activities that still require some level of energy and focus.

crazy glue hash rosin glob coming out of glue bottle with black background

As always, when working with the Okanagan’s finest growers and extract artists, the smoke is exceptionally clean on this top-shelf connoisseur level hash rosin. Consider yourself lucky if you find this in your head-stash.

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