/ Intro

Cannabis enthusiasts, industry experts, marketing professionals.

Our mission is to elevate the cannabis market through education, entertainment, and visually driven marketing solutions.

We gain and maintain consumer trust by building genuine relationships, offering transparency, and telling the stories of the people behind brands we truly believe in. Our platform is continuously growing along with our community, and with it our potential to help premium businesses grow.

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/ The Highlife

We're not just talking about getting high

The Highlife is about passionate people coming together. It’s a community, a state of flow, a way to live, connect, and create based on a solid foundation of values.

/ Higher Values

A way of living, working, and doing

Values define the company and who we are. They are the core to a way of living, working and doing. They are here to guide our individual decisions and keep us thinking together reaching highs we would never think are possible alone.


Passion Fuels Purpose

We live and breathe this lifestyle. Pursuing our professional and personal goals with purpose leads to the best outcomes. We love what we do - and it shows.


Do what you say

The only way to produce meaningful work is with integrity. We hold ourselves and each other accountable and up to the highest standards. That means sticking to deadlines and keeping our word.


Clients are people too

We choose to work with like-minded people and place high value in effective communication and trust building. Clients are part of the team, and we make a point of staying connected every step of the way.


Culture builds community

We’re here to make a positive impact and lift each other up. We work hard to take care of ourselves, each other, and what’s around us with every single decision we make.

/ Our Team

Cannabis Enthusiasts Who Create & Communicate

We’re a collective of professional creatives and cannabis enthusiasts working together to build success and elevate those around us.


Jamie Norrish

Jamie knows this industry and culture inside and out. His passion for it began at a young age and has evolved into several successful business ventures and a broad knowledge base, from the creation of gardens and the ownership of a medical dispensary to the co-foundation of a hydroponic / grow business. With a genuine desire to help and educate, Jamie knows how to speak to consumers and support businesses in navigating the ever-changing cannabis landscape to brand success. His background in project management in the industrial construction industry has helped him balance several projects with high standards of professionalism and quality. He is able to develop a strong team mentality that integrates people's individual passions and leads them to achieve outstanding project quality.

Vince Eger

A move from Germany to Canada made a career in this industry a reality for Vince.

He’s excited to combine his entrepreneurial spirit and solid background in marketing, filmmaking and photography with a long-time passion for Cannabis. With a decade of experience, professional education and dedication to continuous growth - Vince knows how to communicate value through visual storytelling combined with effective marketing strategy.

On his time away from camera and screen, you can find him on a surfboard, snowboard or skateboard, or out on a hike with his pup Nelson.


Jared Kyllo

Jared has a strong appreciation for technology’s power to problem-solve, support decision-making, and inspire innnovation.

His Bachelor’s degree in Geography along with a Certificate in Geographic Information Systems from BCIT provide a solid foundation for critical thinking, and his background in software development has strengthened his technical skills and ability to build solutions for any problem.

He’s big into exploring cultures and perceptions of cannabis around the world and has a true love for well-crafted films, vinyl records, and tattoos (20 and counting!).


Matthias MacLeod

Matthias has been fascinated by visual storytelling for as long as he can remember.

Film enthusiast turned film student in 2015, he continues to constantly improve his skills as a professional film-maker and editor. Matthias’ passion for education and the art of cinematography combine to elevate brand stories in emotionally captivating ways. Well traveled and always curious, he has a strong interest in the medicinal benefits of Cannabis along with a solid appreciation for a good joint.

When he’s not spending nights editing, Matthias enjoys old movies, camping, hiking, eating good food and making the world a little bit more awesome.

Marketing Manager

Julia Szathmary

As a natural creative, paint flows through Julia’s veins. Pair that with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, she understands how to effectively attract the attention of ideal customers through creative marketing strategies.

For the better part of the last decade Julia has worked in print and digital marketing. Having published campaigns in the National Post and Mclean’s magazine, and worked for some rad non-profits such as Greenpeace and the Humane Society, she’s got a knack for adapting to any circumstance.

Born and raised in the core of Toronto, Julia recently traded in sky rises and smog for mountains and fresh air. She now calls beautiful B.C. home. When she’s not crafting campaigns, you can find her floating down glacier rivers, eating salt and vinegar popcorn or crocheting with her cat (don’t judge her).

Digital Media Specialist

Johanna Macheledt

A passion for bringing people together and the perseverance it takes to create and maintain a true sense of community.

Johanna puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Combined with a background in event management, she’s a master of organization and knows how to stay on track, on time, and on point. She also has a good eye for design and unique ability to generate momentum through social media and content creation.

Johanna loves surfing, snowboarding, long hikes with her handsome sidekick Nelson, and homemade German pretzels.

Post Production Specialist

Gabrielle Fontaine

Gabby is a creative that finds adventure and happiness in filmmaking.

Editing has always come natural to her, and has been a place where she feels most at home. It’s an artform where she can truly express herself and her talents. She finds fulfillment in using those talents to help people, organizations, companies, and brands communicate their messages and have an impact. Her favourite part of a project is getting to see people’s reactions to a finished product.

Gabby loves being in the present, hanging out in nature, snowboarding, walks on the beach, exploring the world, and good company.

Editor + Photographer

Georgia Spalding

At the age of 4 in South Africa, Georgia picked up her very first video camera.

From a young age Georgia knew that the conventional 9-5 wasn’t for her; rather, she aspired to work in a field where her creative insights could be showcased. Videography and photography have long been her artistic outlets and her passion for the craft is evident through the authenticity in her work. Having graduated film school in 2020 with honours, Georgia considers herself a lifelong learner and loves developing new skills and improving upon old ones. As an editor, she is able to invoke emotions through visual storytelling to promote any brand's aesthetic.

When she’s not behind the camera, Georgia enjoys hanging with her loved ones, camping, tattoos, playing guitar, and watching movies.

/ Our Studio

We Take Pride in Our Surroundings

We use our studio as a space to create, collaborate, and facilitate the Highlife.

Our workspace promotes the flow of creativity and productivity by mixing work and play together. We spend a lot of time here and as such we keep the place fun, inviting, and functional.

The only reason we have this space is to accomplish the mission we’ve set out for ourselves.

/ Careers

We're looking for

animators graphic designers web developers SEO experts editors models sales reps photographers

Make dope work with dope people.

We’re looking for talented driven people who are passionate about their work and have an interest in cannabis. We want sales reps, models, animators, copy writers, SEO experts, web designers, photographers, and videographers.

If you fit this description and you’re interested in working with us or simply learning more, drop us a note, portfolio link, or résumé.

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