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Strain Integrity

From the OCS website, “Bred by Capulator, MAC 1 is a balanced hybrid created through crossing Jaws’ Alien Cookies with his Miracle 15 male. Our MAC 1 is an S1 of a clone only MAC 1, which we pheno hunted until we found our unicorn. The final result was a pheno that produces beautiful and distinct towers of bud covered in trichomes with a perfect blend of green, lavender and frost. Upon first inhale expect to be hit with a creamy citrus aroma followed by some powerful gas! Because it’s just the right thing to do, all our flower is hang dried, hand trimmed, slow cold cured, and hand packaged. We believe fresh and terpy is best, so all our flower is packaged in a nitrogen flushed pouch that features a perfect airtight seal. Non irradiated, obviously.”

Orange bag legal packaging for carmel cannabis mac one flower with Carmel logo and thc warning label
carmel's mac one cannabis flower on white background

Smooth Expresso High

MAC 1 by Carmel packaged on April 7, 2021, cost $48.95 for 3.5 grams with 20.07% THC 4.26% terpenes and a sweet floral lavender orange scent. Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

The high starts slowly during inhalation with a clearing of our mental cobwebs and with a fresh euphoric focus. As we approach the 10 minute mark, the creative engine kicks in with a steady acceleration to exit reality onto the super HIGHway. On cue at the 10 minute mark, we were very high with an elevated sense of intense focus, awareness and creativity. Welcome to the MAC 1 world!

The intensity of the high abated after 45 minutes but still delivered an absorptive entertaining experience beyond the two hours. The beauty of the high is the functionality despite the intense euphoric creative timeless state of mind. This is what money can buy… a motivational creative engine that can handle any challenge thrown at it.

MAC phenotype commands top dollar, which means this is what the market wants. The market wants an intense functional high with focus, euphoric creative energy and joyful optimism. MAC 1 delivers for a price. It would appear that the top dollars go to sativa strains.

The best activity to pair with is coffee first thing in the morning to start that special day. We have paired studying as one of the best activities and for the money spent it is the best use of MAC 1. Actually, everything is best with MAC 1!

By the Numbers


















So, this is what the best cannabis is all about? MAC 1 is one of the most expensive cannabis strains on the market. What do you get for that money? An intense functional pristine elevated sense of euphoric creativity with a laser crystal clear focus. This is an expensive state of mind with the potential of raising the mental game to the next level.

Would we buy this again? Maybe. Our alternative option is Sour Jack as a medical from WMMC. Broken Coast’s Denman is another favourite strain with a similar high. We use these strains to get motivated and ready for a deep dive into a hard core study session, or creative work. If price is a reflection of utility and market demand, the MAC 1 high is the preferred high.

On an investment note, Carmel Pharma held a job fair recently to hire up to 20 people for its Oro-Medonte operation. In an excerpt from, “With increasing sales in Ontario and demand for craft product, we have purchase orders that we need to meet,” said Carmel co-founder Roey Fishman. “We’re looking for people, especially local people, to help us achieve those goals.”

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