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Canadas Most Expensive Weed - Initial Thoughts

With a package date of April 21st, 2021, these flowers hovered between a well cured product and one with loss in quality. For a price tag of $60 an eighth, I would have hoped for a fresher date, and fresher product – but that’s not always a possibility. The nose upon cracking the jar is pleasant. Unfortunately, a slight muskiness has developed over time, but the main profile is intact, and is reminiscent of most dessert strains available on the market, with a sweet, doughiness, and slight notes of mint and chocolate on the tail end. Bag appeal is in the mid to high range, with great bud structure, ample amber trichome coverage, and uniform bud size.

Mint Choko Chip bud lightly frosted in trichomea and boasting orange hairs and purple foliage
Mint Choko Chip Flower | Photo credit: Tier 1 Cannabis
black Tier 1 cannabis jar, with the canadian thc warning label and Mint Choko Chip name in orange font
Mint Choko Chip Jar | Photo credit: Tier 1 Cannabis

Nose & Flavor

After the initial bust, the muskiness was all but lost amidst a refreshing, dessert-like, mint and chocolate profile. If only these buds had been fresher, there was true potential here. First puff was promising, the second puff was downright enjoyable. While the flavor profile is not as prominent as the nose would suggest, there were still ample terpenes to be experienced, and a subtle creaminess that rests on the palate like a sip of cafe mocha on the exhale.

Smoke & Effect

The smoke is smooth and thick, but regrettably the burn left something to be desired, with less than admirable ash, ranging from light to dark gray. The effects were moderate to high in potency, with a dreamy, carefree attitude emerging immediately, and lasting for some time afterwards.

pile of chocko chip buds placed neatly on a small pile on a white background
Mint Choko Chip Flower | Photo credit: Tier 1 Cannabis

FInal Notes

Mint Choko Chip has potential. With the right adjustments, this product could be considered among Canada’s elite legal flowers. Unfortunately, when asking consumers to fork over so much hard-earned money, you don’t have room for error. There were a few things about this product that left me wanting more, and $60 an eighth should guarantee the consumer a cannabis experience unforgettable in nature. While this was enjoyable, I can’t justify dropping that type of cash on a product less than perfect, so this wouldn’t be a rebuy for me. 

Check out our video review of Mint Choko Chip below:

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