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Bringing legacy cannabis to the legal market

Sessions is always looking out for and enjoying only the finest cannabis that Canada and the world has to offer. In this article, we want to highlight an up-and-coming force on the Canadian legal cannabis scene – Pistol and Paris. This luxury brand shares our ideals when it comes to searching for the best of the best and they’ve made it their mission to bring that top tier cannabis to the legal market.

The appearance of smaller, legacy market growers on the shelves of cannabis retail stores is long overdue. Pistol and Paris has recognized this and after 20 plus years of dedicating their lives to the legacy market, they’ve entered the legal space to fill that gap.

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While staying true to their legacy roots and never forgetting where they came from, Pistol and Paris are now encouraging consumers to buy their cannabis products the legal way. They understand that with stricter regulations come better growing practises, resulting in an overall safer and higher quality product than what has been available on the legacy market.

Pistol and Paris are a premium brand to their core, and this means taking the utmost care in selecting each grower and batch of flowers they attach their name to. By personally flying to every facility to carefully inspect the work going into these grows, Pistol and Paris ensures each one of their flower is worthy of being carried under their banner. They do so in their iconic blacked-out helicopter, which has become synonymous with the Pistol and Paris brand. 

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This snippet from their website highlights some of their journeys to discover and link up with Canada’s best cannabis producers:

“We’ve been up and down Vancouver Island, have dropped by countless grows throughout the Lower Mainland, hopped around the Gulf Islands and spent many, many weeks touring the Kootenay and Okanagan regions talking to and connecting with some of the most talented cannabis growers that this country has to offer.”

Orange Tingz

Pistol and Paris dropped their first offering – Orange Tingz – on the market recently, and so far it’s been making waves. Produced in Summerland B.C., by family-owned indigenous grow team Jbuds, Orange Tingz is grown in small batches, hang dried, slow cured and hand-trimmed. This team of veteran cannabis growers pride themselves on safe and sustainable growing practices, taking active steps to limit their impact on the environment.

The flower itself is an Indica-leaning hybrid created through crossing Slurricane and TMAC, bred by legendary Canadian breeder Sacred Cut. Orange Tingz flowers are heavily frosted, with an enticing sweet citrus nose & flavours of Swedish berries and ripe grapes. Providing the consumer with head-to-toe effects and a completely satisfied palate.

live orange tingz strain cannabis plant on black background
Photo Credit: @craigbarkerphoto
dried orange tingz strain cannabis flower on black background
Photo Credit: @craigbarkerphoto

As Pistol and Paris stake their claim to the Canadian cannabis market, Sessions looks forward to their upcoming drops, with some classic B.C. strains hitting the shelves in the not too distant future. Stay tuned and stay informed by following Pistol and Paris. Links below.

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