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Sage N Sour

Sage N Sour by MTL Cannabis is the perfect example of a great daytime cultivar, grown to its full potential producing flowers that provide the consumer with an upbeat high, full-bodied flavour all at a very enticing price point.

The history and lineage behind Sage N Sour is an intriguing one to say the least. Crossing the classic Sour Diesel with S.A.G.E; an old-school cultivar that brings together an Afghani Indica and a Sativa Haze. S.A.G.E is an acronym that stands for ‘Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium’ which perfectly describes its harmonious effects. These plants are known for their terrific resin production, so any cross containing S.A.G.E is almost guaranteed to be a potent one.

Looks / Bag Appeal

The bag appeal upon cracking the jar was top-notch. The buds were all uniform in size and quality, with the eighth being made up of six tight & resinous buds; boasting lime green foliage, fiery orange hairs and a plethora of sticky trichomes.

Lime green bud of Sage N Sour with fiery orange hairs on a white background
Sage N Sour | Photo credit: @mtlcanna

Aroma / Nose

The aroma and profile of Sage N Sour is definitely something to get excited about. A magnificent mix of terpenes, which is exactly what I would expect given the lineage. Robust lemon and lime, with sweet diesel on the front end and subtle nuances of sandalwood and eucalyptus. This profile is everything I hope for when shopping for a flavourful Sativa smoke, packed with terpenes such as limonene, ocimine, terpinolene and beta-caryophyllene.

Image of a Gas Tank hose representing the diesel terpenes and a pepper shaker on a black smoky background with the caption "Sage n sour smells like:"
Diesel and Pepper Graphic | Photo credit: @mtlcanna
close up shot of Sage N Sour bud with the Terpinolene compound in the forefront of the image
Terpinolene – the dominant terpene of Sage N Sour | Photo credit: @mtlcanna

Feel / Structure

The flowers are tight in structure, dense and sticky with resin, with a humidity level that was on point. Busting up into a beautiful, wet sand consistency, perfect for joint rolling. 

Taste / Flavour

Those juicy, exotic, lemon and lime flavours are present in boatloads, with an almost peppery gas on the backend of the exhale. This refreshing flavour profile lingers on the palate for a long time after smoking and stays true right down to the last puff. 

Effect / High

The smoke was thick and smooth, the ash was snow-white and fluffy, and the effects were felt immediately, with a fast, heady, cerebral kick, and instant sensation of alertness and focus. After a few minutes, this profound alertness slowly subsided, maintaining the focus, but with less intensity. This intensity was quickly replaced by a feeling of tranquility that helped settle the mind and get the creative juices flowing.

Rack of black Sage N Sour Containers with the MTL cannabis label and THC warning.
Jars of Sage N Sour | Photo credit: @mtlcanna
Black gloved hand holding bud of sage n sour over silver tray of buds
Sage n Sour | Photo credit: @mtlcanna

Fast Facts








T.H. Seeds


Sativa Dom.


S.A.G.E X Sour Diesel

Our Recommendation

This cultivar is ideal for somebody looking for an upbeat & energetic, daytime cultivar that is great for getting things done, staying on track, and can be enjoyed all day long with little to no burnout. This would be a great choice for people with social anxiety who use cannabis to medicate and get on with their day or someone looking for that extra creative boost on a project.

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