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/ Stock Cannabis Photography

Royalty Free Commercial Use Cannabis Images

At Sessions we are constantly creating the highest quality cannabis based content available in Canada. More content than we can put to use ourselves. So, we decided to curate a selection of our best imagery, and offer it in an easy to use stock media gallery.

Our curated library of media includes our professionally captured images of cannabis  flower, concentrates, cannabis gardens and grows, cannabis culture and lifestyle, and more.

All pricing is based on image content, size, and license.

/ Imagery Content

Premium Content

Our premium content consists of our highest quality imagery. This content was created with special equipment and software and includes stacked images and other heavily processed premium imagery.

Standard Content

Our standard quality content still consists of high quality cannabis imagery. However these images have required less effort and work to create than our premium content images.

/ Imagery Sizes
For Social



1200 x 800

For Web



2700 x 1800

For Print



6000 x 4000

/ Licensing
Option One

Royalty-Free Unlimited Commercial License

A royalty-free right to use the purchased item for any purpose, for profit or otherwise. Use anywhere in the world for unlimited projects with no expiration dates.

Print and digital advertising, broadcasts, product packaging, presentations, websites and blogs.

One user per license.

You cannot re-sell or re-distribute the licensed imagery.

Option Two

Exclusive Rights

When you purchase images under our the Exclusive Rights license you own the images and may use them however you wish (commercially, print, web, etc.). No one else can purchase those same images from that point on. Once said images are purchased, they are removed from our stock gallery within 8 hours.

Be confident that when you require an exclusive image for your brand, company, or messaging, we’ll make sure you and only you own your purchased images.

Cannabis Stock Imagery Galleries