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Why make a top 5 list?

With so many cannabis products available on the Canadian market and with more and more producers springing to life everyday, how can consumers decipher between over hyped mids and high quality cannabis?

roughly trimmed cannabis with leafy buds

Over Hyped Mids

high quality dried cannabis flower with purple and orange coloration

High Quality

Don’t worry – Sessions is here to help. We’ve put together a list of our top 5 licensed cannabis producers (AKA LP’s), to highlight some of the people in the cannabis industry who are doing things the right way. Check out our list of who’s bringing Canada’s finest cannabis products to the table.


Good Buds

goodbuds cannabis logo

Organic cannabis is becoming more popular, as more people become aware of its sustainability and alternatively the negative effects of salt nutrients with commercial agricultural methods. That’s where organically-certified cannabis companies such as Good Buds come in.

woman walking through outdoor cannabis field wearing yellow shirt and pink hat

Situated on Salt Spring Island, brothers Tyler and Alex Rumi have been producing consistent, certified organic cannabis for over 20 years under the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association (FVOPA). After many years of success and innovation, Good Buds was created to bring that same consistency and quality of flower to the legal market that legacy market connoisseurs have been praising for years.

The Rumi brothers focus on sustainable agriculture and impressive solvent-free extracts, for all types of consumers. They are making a variety of cannabis products including dried flowers, pressed hashes, live bubble hash and live hash rosin.

The passion and attention to detail that the Good Buds team has put into their growing and extraction processes is evident in the final products they produce, having classic and unique terpene profiles and constant quality. Good Buds has focused on producing premium organic products from day one. Here at Sessions, we look forward to what the future holds for one of Canada’s leading cannabis producers.

blue gloved hand holding glass jar of golden live hash rosin on black background
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Lot 420

lot 420 cannabis logo

“[Lot 420’s] goal is to give discerning canna-connoisseurs a thoroughly satisfying experience and to entice the canna-curious with our top-tier product. Our artisanal approach and meticulous work-ethic combined with a custom-built facility allow us to commit to excellence in every crop. Our motto: never compromise on quality.”

In our eyes, and many others, Lot 420 produces some of the best cannabis on the Canadian legal market to date.

Lot 420’s Gelato33 is everything a connoisseur cannabis consumer is looking for in a flower. Insane bag appeal, bang-on terpene profile, and incredible clean and potent smoke that we could puff all day, everyday, for the rest of our lives.

gelato thirty three live flower in cannabis garden surrounded by blurred plants and yellow trellis
macro shot gelato thirty three trichomes on purple foliage

Based out of Quebec’s Eastern Townships, Southeast of Montreal, Lot 420 prides themselves on being all about the culture. They are focusing solely on bringing the highest quality, hand-crafted cannabis flower to market. Motivated in their own words by “quality, teamwork, nature and excellence.” They couldn’t be more on the mark.

Gelato33 is the only cultivar available from Lot 420 currently, but Sessions is looking forward to their new offerings, such as Ice Cream Cake and Orange Cake which are hitting the market later this year. If these new cuts are anything like front runner Gelato33, we have no doubts more waves will be made by Lot 420 on the Canadian cannabis scene. Hats off for enticing even the headiest, legacy market consumers into trying and thoroughly enjoying your products. That says a lot.

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Broken Coast

broken coast cannabis logo

“Broken Coast is a licensed producer of medicinal cannabis located on Vancouver Island. We have deep roots in British Columbia, and we’re proud to contribute to the reputation our province has earned for producing outstanding cannabis. Our plants are grown in small batches in single-strain rooms, and we tailor our production schedule to ensure we have a constant supply of fresh product in stock.”

Broken Coast came across our radar almost immediately after legalization. Having a fairly strong reputation from existing medical patients who had access to their products for some time before legalization, Sessions was eager to try their legal flower.

frosty broken coast quadra nug on white background with broken coast logo bottom right corner in black font

Broken Coast offers elite genetics, high quality flowers, and a reputation for being one of the most sought after cannabis brands in the country. Small batch, hang-dried and hand-trimmed flowers, with killer terpene profiles, beautiful buds and consistent quality.

They offer a vast array of products, ranging from dried flowers, live badders, and concentrate vape cartridges. Our personal recommendation would be their Sunset Sherbet flower that hits with a robust fruity profile and heavy, sedative effects. You can check out our review of it below.

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Simply Bare

simply bare organic cannabis logo

“Just lay it all bare—add nothing, change nothing, strip away nothing—and what remains is all that we ever really wanted from the start: something whole, something real, something true.”

Their mantra says it all. Simply Bare is exactly that. Simple and bare. Pure and natural.

This belief system shows through ten-fold in the final products released to market. Organic, living-soil flowers with robust and nostalgic terpene profiles. Everything from their genetics, to their growing processes, right down to the glass jar packaging, make Simply Bare stand out amongst other Canadian LPs. 

simply bare orange jar with miniature forest emerging from the top with a tiny rain cloud and a pre roll joint next to the jar on a cloudy background

Scaling the production of craft cannabis is no easy task, but Simply Bare managed to rise to the occasion and go above and beyond with their practices and products. Sun-grown cannabis, grown in living-soil, hand-harvested and hang dried for 14 days, before being hand-trimmed and packaged into recyclable glass jars. The SFV OG is our standout cultivar from Simply Bare, reminding us of the classic, old-school OG’s we’ve all grown to know and love on the legacy market. Notes of citrus, pine and heavy OG, combine to create a truly enjoyable smoking experience for fans of heavy hitting cultivars.

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Purple Hills

purple hills cannabis logo

“The Purple Co. is a sustainable agriculture initiative located in Creemore, Ontario. Built on the foundation of one family’s farming tradition since 1860, the Purple Co. strives to provide customers with high-quality products while practicing principles of biomimicry and agro-ecology. Simply, we are in the pursuit of positive growth.”

Purple Hills are doing things differently, and this is beyond evident when trying their cannabis products. The love, care and attention that goes into their work is on full display when it comes to their Lemon Pepper Live Badder, coming in at a whopping 18.2% terpene content.

purple cannabis concentrate package containing live resin surrounded by lemons on a bed of peppercorns
Photo Credit: @redheadwithoutasoul
macro shot of yellow lemon pepper live badder on dab stick horizontally

Not only do Purple Hills produce top-notch cannabis products, they also have a fully operational, traditional farm, where they run a CSA type model (community supported agriculture). Within this model farmers and consumers form a business partnership before the season begins and throughout the growing season CSA members receive a portion of each harvest, which means the risks and rewards of the harvest are shared by the farmer and consumer alike. On top of this unique way of operating, they also offer Air Bnb rentals on their property, where visitors can spend time on the farm, checkout the facility, and even help with tasks around the property. A truly unique, and diverse practice that I have not seen before, but often envisioned when dreaming of possible cannabis ventures.

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Who's Next?

Thanks for stopping by, and taking the time to read through our picks. We hope you find this list useful in your quest to find Canada’s finest cannabis products. As more brands emerge we will be paying close attention and looking to find any new contenders for Canadas top 5 LPs! Stay tuned and follow Sessions for more cannabis content.

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